DAY THREE - Cult of Chucky #31daysofhorror


Cult of Chucky - 2017


“I’m not a killer Dr. Foley, and I’m not FUCKING CRAZY”

You guys, what am I gonna do this year? We’ve only hit the first week of October and already this year there’s been so many INCREDIBLE new horror films. And Cult of Chucky just blew my mind and has become one of the best things I’ve watched this year.

In Curse of Chucky we watched as Nica and her family were terrorized by Chucky and now Nica has been arrested and put into an asylum because everyone believes she was the one that massacred her whole family, leaving only her young niece, Alice, alive. Nica has been in recovery and believes she did commit these murders and is schizophrenic. Her doctor, Dr. Foley is transferring her to Harrogate Hospital because he believes she is getting better. This hospital has more freedom for her and she manages to make some friends. But when Dr. Foley introduces a Good Guy doll to work in her therapy sessions, people start dying, but no one will believe poor Nica who is now fighting for her life.

I cannot talk highly enough of this movie. Unlike a lot of people, I have loved all the Child’s Play movies, even Seed of Chucky. But when Curse of Chucky came out I was so thrilled to see the fans return to this insane, long running franchise. But Cult of Chucky just proved to everyone that this little doll still has bite.


First of all, this movie is hilarious. It has that gorgeous dark humor that Chucky is so well known for. There were scenes where I was roaring with laughter, one of my favorites being Chucky interacting with these crazy patients, one who thinks she’s a ghost. The murder scenes are better and more creative than ever. My favorite has to be one scene that involves decapitation and a glass ceiling collapsing.

This film is also shot beautifully and Don Mancini has proved time and time again that he is a natural behind the camera. The opening credits were like something out of a Hitchcock movie and the bleak, snowy atmosphere was perfect.

The two strong points of this film though are the incredible performance by Fiona Dourif who plays Nica. She is an absolute powerhouse and I fell so deeply in love with her in this movie. She plays the lead like she was born to play it and the end twist gave her a real chance to prove her acting chops. The second is the story – there are no plot holes, there are no unanswered questions and it’s the most original Child’s Play film ever. I won’t spoil any of it because I went in knowing only the bare bones of the story and had such a fun time watching everything be revealed. Just trust that this is one you’re going to want to instantly talk about with everyone you know.


Brad Dourif, of course, returns to play the voice of Chucky and he’s got some great jokes and one-liners this time around that keep Chucky one of the most badass horror icons. We also have some returning faces from the franchise like Jennifer Tilly who picks up her role as Tiffany again. Every time she’s on screen she steals the show and she looks so absolutely beautiful. Alex Vincent returns as Andy, now a full-fledged adult with some major problems. It was really cool to see what happens to a child of a horror movie, because you never really think about that. Turns out they’re pretty fucked up and emotionally damaged, who would’ve thought?

Some newcomers to the franchise were total standouts too. Michael Therriault plays Dr. Foley to perfection. He spends the whole movie storming around the hospital in an impeccable suit and you just can’t wait for him to die. Zak Santiago plays Nurse Carlos and I really loved when he was on screen. Adam Hurtig plays a very complex character that has a big role in this film and a huge part in the story. And Elisabeth Rosen plays Madeleine, a damaged woman who sees the Good Guy doll and decides it’s her baby. Which leads to some hilarious and also some fucked up moments between her and Chucky.


Overall, this is an insane film that delivers on all its’ promises and I can’t wait to watch it again and again. It also leaves enough of an open ending that another film could realistically happen, which I really hope it does.

10/10 and I will fight you if you think differently.

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