HORROR NEWS ALERT! - new Jigsaw TV spots, Glass starts filming, and Halloween remake updates

October is the busiest season for us horror nerds and we're only 3 days in and things are getting crazy. I'm starting to think I need way more time on my hands to get through all these new movies and keep up on the news! Maybe I'll switch to that 4 hour sleep schedule that really successful people seem to do. That's plausible right? I'll just not sleep?

Lucky for you...I'm here to wrap up all the horror news into one tidy bundle. So let's jump right in!


Halloween Remake Updates

We already know that Jamie Lee Curtis is coming back to the Halloween franchise to play her role of Laurie (even though she's dead but okay we'll roll with) and while much of this movie is obviously being kept under wraps...we've got some possible casting news.

The incredible Judy Greer is currently negotiating to join the cast as Laurie's daughter, Karen.   

The "reinvention" starts filming in a few weeks in South Carolina, with David Gordon Green directing. John Carpenter is an Executive Producer on this film and Jason Blum spoke with Coming Soon recently and let on that Carpenter is pretty heavily involved in all the major decision making. For example, he approved of Laurie coming back and played a key role in picking the writer, Danny McBride, and director. There's also rumors he will score the new film which would be incredible.

All this news is making me think that Michael really will be coming home next Halloween and I'm so happy to see it.


Jigsaw TV Spots show new traps!

2017 brings us the return of the Saw franchise in theaters during Halloween just like it was always meant to be, after almost a decade of silence. The trailer looks amazing, the posters have been incredible and quite frankly I can't wait to be there opening night. I recently watched the Saw franchise for the first time and am devastated I missed out on these incredible films for so long. I can't wait to finally see one in the theaters.

Today two new TV spots dropped that show off possible new traps and they look insane. I see lasers, I see chains, I see some weird twisty tornado like machine, I see a lot of potential for some insane blood and gore. And I'm incredibly intrigued to see how this all works. In one spot you can see what looks to be Jigsaw's grave being opened by police....intriguing....

Check out the two new TV spots below:

Watch Jigsaw in theaters October 27th.


Glass has begun filming

One movie that made a giant splash at the beginning of this year was Split, which turned out to be a surprise sequel to M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable which came out in 2000. And when we were all reeling from the shock, Shyamalan decided to drop the incredible news that Split was actually the second film in a trilogy - the third will be released in January of 2019. It will be titled Glass.

Characters from Unbreakable and Split will come to a head in Glass which began filming today in Philadelphia. Today Shyamalan tweeted saying Glass was 17 years in the making and if you go through his twitter you can see the progression of him writing the script and sharing insight into his inspirations and thoughts.


Glass will follow David Dunn as he pursues Kevin Wendell Crumb who has become The Beast. The shadowy presence of Elijah will lurk over both.

Samuel L. Jackson will return as Elijah (Mr. Glass) and Bruce Willis will return as David. Anna Taylor-Joy from Split will also return alongside James McAvoy. David's son will return as well played by Spencer Treat Clark and Charlayne Woodard will pick up the role of Elijah's mother once more.

With this incredible cast and what looks to be an amazing story, I honestly don't know how I'm going to make it till 2019 to wait for this!


It's such an amazing time to be a horror fan and I can't wait to see what the rest of October brings to the table!

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