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Horror Bound started as a little baby blog over at horrorbound.blogspot.ca but two years ago moved over to an official domain. We devour everything horror from podcasts, movies, books, comics and more!

Horror Bound believes in the positive review of everything - too much time, sweat, and tears goes into making content and we will be respectful of that. We want to create a safe space on the internet where you can read positive reviews of movies and books. Articles that weren't created for the click bait but for the honest to god love of horror.

This is also a space to support and encourage women in horror. Please reach out to us if you are a woman in horror and would like to be spotlighted on this site.

If you would like to contact us to have your project reviewed or to be spotlighted/interviewed please email us at horrorboundblog@gmail.com


Would you like to write for Horror Bound? We’re always looking for new writers to join the team as we quickly expand. If you are interested in joining as a writer, please email us at horrorboundblog@gmail.com with a little blurb about yourself. Also please include an example of an article you have written if you have one :)



Charlotte - Owner and Editor in Chief of Horror Bound. She spends her time in Vancouver never leaving her house and obsessively watching horror and reading. She’s been in love with horror since the tender age of 5 when she saw Jaws by accident on the TV. She’s written for Morbidly Beautiful, Addicted to Horror Movies, and Nightmare on Film Street. Now she writes solely for her horror child - Horror Bound. Follow along with her over at twitter  instagram letterboxd goodreads


Josh - Writer. Josh grew up in a family that ran a cemetery and embraced that life big time. They were the family in town that drove the hearse, hosted the haunted house, gave haunted tours and had Friday Night Frights where every Friday friends and family would gather to watch horror. Now Josh continues the tradition of freakiness with his own four kids in Portland and writes for Horror Bound and Nightmare on Film Street. Find him online here and on twitter and instagram.

Mike - Writer/Senior Contributor. He’s a child of the 80’s, comic book/movie geek and lifelong horror fan.  Mike also runs The Geek Intersect blog. Click here to check it out!  You can find him on Twitter Instagram and Facebook.

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Joe - Writer/Senior Contributor. Joe is a horror writer with several short stories published and is currently looking for homes for his novels. He grew up reading John Bellairs  as a kid and then graduated to Stephen King. It only got better (or worse) from there. He reads three or four horror novels a week and can’t wait to start the next one. You can find him on Twitter 

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Dan - Writer/Senior Contributor. A child of the best decade ever, the 80’s, and spent many an adolescent sleepover at his best friend’s house renting such 80’s schlock as The Stuff, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and Chopping Mall. He received his undergrad degree in English-Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida, but has been writing since his teen years. He’s also an audio engineer and was a freelance contributor to the now defunct alternative music website das Klub. He currently teaches Post Production for Film and Scriptwriting Techniques at a multi-media art college in Central Florida where he lives with his wife, the real horror nerd, and their two fur babies, Sam and Widow. Check him out on twitter.


Dave - Writer/Site Administrator. Dave lives with his mutt Jaxson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.  Lover of all things horror. Currently working on his first horror novel, he teaches creative writing classes for the local community college’s community education. He has a knack for working in haunted places; or maybe it’s the spirits that are following him. Every October you can find him traipsing around the area looking for the best haunted attractions.  Avid reader and listener of podcasts. Find him on twitter.

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Chelsey - Writer. Chelsey has always been drawn to the spooky side, but just recently realized that if she can eat cereal for dinner, then she can also make life feel like Halloween all-year round.  For her, that means consuming horror in all forms, but most particularly books. She lives in the Midwest with her soon-to-be husband, a cat named Gertie, a dog named Odin, and an eternal fear of the child-catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. You can follow her quest to read the entire Fear Street series on Goodreads and watch her catch up from years of thinking she can't watch scary movies at Letterboxd.


Bryce - Writer. Bryce Gibson is the creator of County Line Horror, a  nostalgic, Southern-set return to 1990’s style teen thrillers. He has a degree in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina, works full time as a farmer, and lives in South Carolina with his wife and their dog.  Follow him on Instagram Twitter Facebook and check out his site HERE

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Bud - Writer/Senior Contributor. Bud is a father of 4 and a life long horror fan. When he's not driving his wife crazy by making her sit through an 80’s horror movie with a $3 budget, he's deep in a YouTube rabbit hole looking at the next wild conspiracy theory. You can follow him on twitter and Letterboxd


Tyler - Senior Editor/Writer. Tyler is a long time horror fanatic and writer, he’s been in and around the industry since before he could legally drink - and then things got really interesting. When he's not making games or playing them you'll find him sipping an adult beverage on someone's porch extolling the virtues of Ghoulies III, or voraciously consuming the latest horror novel he was able to get his hands on. You can follow him on Twitter and Letterboxd.


Corey - Writer. Originally from Boston, MA. Currently lives in State College, PA with his fiancé and dog. Currently teaching at Penn State. Moving in the very near future to Rochester, NY. Long time fan of horror. Also, a fan of pro wrestling, stand-up comedy, beer, and crossword puzzles. Fun(?) fact: Once met Stephen King at a Subway in Boston. You can find him on Facebook.


Lydia – Writer. Lydia has always been a long-time horror fan since childhood. From growing up watching the classics to the more modern stuff the horror genre has always been apart of her life. She's also a bit of a book worm and will read just about anything that catches her eye. Besides horror, Lydia spends her time playing video games, working and going on the adventure of college life to be a Vet Tech. She enjoys spending time with family and her pets, writing while also binge watching 90's chick flicks, anime and other various nerdy stuff. You can follow her on Instagram.


Eric - Writer. Eric is a horror fanatic and Utah native; however, he is not recognized within certain social circles as a native Utahn, whatever that means. He lives deep in the suburbs with his beautiful wife and daughter in a house slowly being reclaimed by the Earth. In his free time you can catch Eric staring into the darkness between the stars, invoking ancient rites, or just relaxing on the couch. In 2018 he quit his desk job to move to Florida for a year and pursue a degree in software development. Follow him on Instagram Goodreads and Twitter .

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Jordan - Writer. Jordan lives on Vancouver Island and has been a fan of horror since reading R.L. Stine in elementary school. He loves all forms of horror, whether it's one of the books in his never ending to-read pile, binge watching an entire movie series, or scaring the crap out of himself in a scary game. His favorite piece of horror memorabilia is a water bottle from Evil Dead: The Musical. You can follow him on Twitter.

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Mike - Writer. Mike is a writer and musician. He's loved horror since he saw The Exorcist when he was 12 and thought it was hilarious, and he's loved punk rock since discovering The Ramones and Dropkick Murphys not long after. Mike has written short stories and screenplays, and is currently working on more projects than he knows what to do with. For witty insights and great jokes, you can follow him on his twitter and instagram.


Peyton - Writer. Peyton is a film and dramatic writing student in "America's most haunted city," Savannah, Georgia. Loving all things genre, with the greatest and most passionate love for horror. Peyton has written and directed several horror based short films, written a full length play, a feature length screenplay, and is currently working on a new feature screenplay that puts a twist on some of horror's classic monsters. When not out at the movies or alone in the dorm room watching movies, Peyton enjoys writing and performing stand-up comedy and making goofy, often horror themed shorts for youtube. You can find Peyton on youtube, twitter, and instagram!

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Holly-Mae - Writer. Holly-Mae splits her time between England and Germany, using the travel time to catch up on horror reads. Her love of 90’s slasher movies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Tales From The Crypt lead her to an undergrad in film studies where she was introduced to horror from every continent and decade. Now she teaches online by day and works on creative projects at night. Holly also writes for Soompi, a Korean entertainment site, where she sneaks in horror articles when and where she can.


Lorenzo - Writer/Senior Contributor. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Fell in love with the horror genre at a young age after his partner in crime (his mom) forced him to watch The Lost Boys and has never looked back. Enjoys reading, gaming, movies, only recently started writing about them. Has had several spooky experiences and likes to share those experiences with the world. Currently living in El Paso, Texas with his wife, 4 dogs, and 2 cats. Follow him on Twitter HERE and on Instagram HERE


Doug - Writer. Doug Klein is a horror enthusiast and punk rocker from San Diego, CA.  He has a true love of horror, especially the low budget B-horror masterpieces from the bargain bin. His writing usually reflects this, as it goes from the violent to the absurd.  Anything from 80’s slashers to 50’s drive-in double features will always be well within his wheelhouse. You can find him on Twitter HERE


Angie - Writer. Angie has had a love affair with horror for as long as she can remember. Hailing from Boston, she’s a former comedy critic who spent some time living in Salem, MA and even honeymooned at The Stanley Hotel. Her morbid curiosity fuels her fascination of all things horror. You can find her on Twitter HERE


Douglas - Writer. He was raised in the Northeast, educated in the South, but cultivated in Los Angeles. A fiction and film writer by trade, Doug is a Pushcart Prize nominee, a Reader’s Choice Award winner, and passionate horror fan unafraid to admit he still gets scared. He wrote and directed the genre-festival award winning short film CAUGHT in 2018, and continues to develop new projects with other spooky loving folks. He has no children, but follows a perplexing amount of opossum Instagram accounts. You can find him on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE

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Gus - Writer. Gus has been kneeling at the horror movie section of video stores since he saw Vincent Price in Theater of Blood at ten years old. Since then, he’s been writing, ranting, and crying over the scariest parts of the cinema like a madman. He spends most of his time now watching movies with his wife, watching movies with his cats, and waiting for an opportunity to talk Top 5 horror films and the latest thing on Shudder. You can find him on Twitter HERE, his TinyLetter HERE, or his website HERE