Big Legend, Big Fun!

I can’t stress how much I miss Blockbuster, I mean, there’s a Family Video real close to my house but its not the same.  I remember Friday nights as a kid wandering around the aisles just looking for something to watch and the horror section was never a disappointment.  I have fond memories uncovering hidden gems of cinema based solely on their covers or titles, films like Man’s Best Friend and Bloodsucking Pharaoh’s in Pittsburgh.  I mean, just look at these covers and tell me how a 10-year-old boy is supposed to just walk on by.


Now I am 100% certain if Blockbuster was still a thing that I would have stumbled upon Big Legend much sooner.  I mean, a bigfoot horror movie?  Exactly how many of those exist?  Just look at this poster and tell me how 33-year-old boy is supposed to just walk on by?


A fairly simple premise; dude and his girlfriend go out into the woods for some camping in the Pacific Northwest.  He proposes, she says yes, things go bump in the night and boom.  She’s dragged into the woods, never to be seen again.

I’m not spoiling anything; the description is literally, “an ex-soldier ventures into the Pacific Northwest to uncover the truth behind his fiancé’s disappearance.”

The rest of the movie is exactly that, dude in the woods looking for “The Big Man”.  He’s not alone though, oh no, shortly after entering the woods he finds a local hunter who has been looking for the big guy for quite some time.  What follows is the most fun I’ve had watching two bros hunting a monster since Tremors.  I really love when a horror movie can do a lot with only a little.  The poster has a listing of the actors in the film, all of them.  I think there is maybe one other character, an extra and of course there is someone in the suit.

Let me talk about this suit.  This was an awesome looking Bigfoot.  Way better looking than that sickly thing that was in The Man Who Killed Hitler, and then Bigfoot, not disparaging that movie in the slightest, just their monster could have been more menacing.  The Big Man in Big Legend is at many times a shadow in the background, a glimpse in the corner of the screen and when you meet him face to face a hulking menacing brute.  A+ for the practical effects, A+ for not making it some kind of hideous CHUD.

Enough scares to make you jump once or twice.  Enough gore to make the queasiest amongst us look away.  An Adrienne Barbeau appearance for those nostalgic fans of KAB Radio Antonio Bay.  And an interesting story that keeps you hooked until the end.  Perhaps even longer as there is a tease of a sequel.  With a low budget movie like this, I have my fingers crossed.  Not only for that but that I see more from Justin Lee in the realm of horror.

Big Legend is Big Fun!  4.5 Stars.  I am writing this review waiting for the Last Drive-In to start on Shudder so in honor of Joe Bob I have to give it an automatic ½ star deduction because there are no breasts. 

Big Legend, I loved it.  Kids loved it.  You’ll Love it.  Check it out streaming on Amazon Prime


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