Everything Coming To Shudder in June!

So the end of May was a bit of a disaster for me (hence this arriving late) because I got strep throat and basically went into a strep coma for a few days. BUT I’m back and apparently it’s already June?!?! And June means it’s so hot outside and the sun does not do great things to my vampire skin. So I really need reasons to stay inside - luckily I have Shudder.

Check out everything coming to Shudder THIS MONTH:



The Exorcist (1973, William Friedkin)

Ghost Story (1981, John Irvin)

The Phantom of the Paradise (1974, Brian De Palma) (also coming to Canada)

 Ravenous (1999, Antonia Bird) (also coming to Canada)

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As of today, a new Shudder podcast is hitting out ears and it’s gonna be a good one! Visitations with Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah can be downloaded where all good podcasts can be found and new episodes will be released twice weekly. Or you can head to Shudder to hear them all TODAY. Here’s what it’s all about:

The exhilarating, entertaining and sometimes even therapeutic experience of facing one’s fears through stories has always fascinated Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah. That exploration can be seen throughout their company SpectreVision’s projects and the artists they work with. Visitations features the two hosts traveling to the homes and workshops of some of their favorite creators in the genre community and beyond. In these intimate visits, guests delve into their lives, their work and how they’ve managed to turn their deepest fears into art.

Episodes will include incredible directors like Taika Waititi, Mike Flanagan, and Ana Lily Amirpour.

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BOAR (2017, Chris Sun) (also coming to Canada)

A Shudder exclusive! Starring Nathan Jones, Bill Moseley and Hugh Sheridan. Bruce is having a hard time relating to his new step family. They live in a rough and tumble outback town in Australia. To make matters worse is the arrival of a murderous pig the size of a minivan. It’s man vs. crazy beast in this awesome new creature feature.

You can check out our review dropping June 5th and then watch for yourself June 6th!



Hagazussa (2018, Lukas Feigelfeld) (also coming to Canada)

Here Comes the Devil (2013, Adrián García Bogliano) (also coming to Canada)



The Wailing (2016, Na Hong-jin) (also coming to Canada)

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A Shudder exclusive, also coming to Canada, is a new show called Shudder Guides which will be a five part series from Sam Zimmerman. He’’s go through key films and stylistic elements exploring important horror sub-genres. Episodes include Killer Kids, Revenge, and Giallo. I’m SO excited for this!!!



Next of Kin (1989, John Irvin) (also coming to Canada)

Viy (1967, Konstantin Ershov, Georgiy Kropachyov) (also coming to Canada)

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The featured collection this month will be Queer Horror and it will be available as of today! June 3rd! But Knife+Heart will not be streaming until June 20th, and The Wild Boys will start streaming June 17th.

“Celebrate Pride Month with a curated collection of must-see LGBTQ+ horror, featuring films with queer themes, characters and/or creators. Includes the Shudder premieres of Knife+Heart (2018, premiering June 20) and The Wild Boys (2017, premiering June 17), along with The Old Dark House (1932), Vampyros Lesbos(1971),  Hellraiser (1987), Nightbreed (1990), Let the Right One In (2008), Predestination (2014), Alena (2015), Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl (2016), Rift, (2017), and Lizzie (2018).”


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