Top 5 Horror Franchises!

Horror, the genre where it can appeal to many different kinds of viewers. Some viewers enjoy body horror, others psychological horror, slashers, you name it, it has probably been made into a franchise. As for this I did some digging around my movie collection and thought about the various horror franchises that I personally remembered. Most of these franchises are some that I’m quite fond of. The list by no means was an easy pick because of the plethora of franchises that contain amazing stories, excellent effects, and most of all the scare factor. Here are my top 5 franchises for horror:  



This franchise was a refreshing treat after watching its remake, Quarantine. It’s basically a found-footage-zombie apocalypse tale that starts at an apartment complex where its residents are trapped inside without any answers from the Spanish authorities. The only information that was known was that inside was an elderly woman with a deadly illness that could infect everyone. Outside a reporter named Angela follows a group of fire fighters to go inside along with her camera man. Together they discover the horrors that are waiting. Mind you, this is the start of the first film of the franchise, it later develops on into a total of four films. I personally loved the plot line and concept of this franchise. It is one of the better-found footage films to get your hands on. So, I’d give it a 5 out of 5.



The Alien franchise is a combination of amazing special effects, a combination of horror and science fiction and a strong female lead character. I absolutely adore this franchise; it was one of the very few franchises that scared the living shit out of me. The basic plot line of the overall story arc is about how Ripley faces the monstrous aliens that are out for blood. The first film deals with how they discover these creatures and the fallout from that. It evolves later on into something greater, but I shall not spoil anything. The film series is hands down the most horrifying concept. For starters the characters are out in the unknown encountering these vicious creatures that are obviously just following their predatory behavior. What’s even more terrifying about this film are the life cycle of these creatures. If you are unlucky and don’t get killed by one of the adults then you’re likely to be killed by the face hugger, which basically pops out of an egg attaching itself on your face, with its tail around your neck. This franchise has expanded to other various films, comics, video games and tons more.  I’d give this franchise a complete 5 out of 5 as well. It had its flaws, but overall is incredible.



I can remember watching this franchise on an Easter Sunday with one of my grandmothers (pretty cool, right). This slasher film is basically about Leatherface and his cannibalistic family in the rural part of Texas. Their livelihood is based on leading their victims to their house, terrorizing them and either eat them or use their skin for furniture. The franchise itself has 8 films, a video game, comics and a remake. I personally enjoyed the series and as the film series continues you learn more and more about Leatherface and his family. I’d give this little gem a 4 out of 5.



I actually discovered this film in my pre-teen to teenage years. It’s my mom’s favorite horror franchise. Michael Myers, what can I say…he’s the main villain for this outstanding slasher. This franchise has been super popular over the years and it just keeps expanding. The most recent addition being last year. You can check out review HERE. Throughout the whole franchise it follows Michael Myers and his cold killings while also tormenting Laurie Strode, our final girl. This franchise has a total of eleven films, several comic books, and merch out the wazoo. I highly recommend this film to anyone that loves a good slasher film. I give this film as well a 4 out of 5.



One puzzle box that leads to the Cenobites that can bring the worst pain and human suffering that anyone can imagine. This franchise is by far my favorite for various reasons. I really liked the special effects and make up design. The lore for this franchise is by far the most fascinating. The first film was about a family whom get involve unfortunately due to the slimy uncle whom is actually pretty villainous. The plot thickens as the series pushes forward. The Hellraiser franchise had started out as a book written by Clive Barker. It has later evolved into a massive franchise. I highly recommend anyone to dive into it. My rating for this film is defiantly a 5 out of 5. You can check out our deep dive into the franchise HERE and the story behind the book HERE.

So, there you have it, there were so many that should be on this list, but these are my top five. Honorable mentions I would like to add are Scream, The Purge, and The Evil Dead.

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Written by Lydia

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