Top 5 Deleted Scenes from Horror Movies

Horror movies are known for crossing boundaries and delivering the shock factor. But what if there were scenes that were too shocking, that the director removed them? Today we’re going through the Top 5 Deleted Scenes that were too gross/shocking/depressing to put in the original film.


NUMBER FIVE - Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction is iconic for its brutal look at an obsessive lover and her married obsession. The original flick ends with the wife shooting Alex. The deleted ending is actually more savage – Alex slits her throat and frames Dan for her murder. Alex later leaves Dan’s wife a message that exonerates her husband for the supposed crime without exonerating him for his affair. But audiences hated it and so it was changed.



Jaws was rated PG and for its time was pretty graphic. But there was a scene that Spielberg deemed too gory and it involved Alex Kitner. He was the boy whose mother slapped Brody after the boy was killed and the beach wasn’t shut down. The original scene actually showed Alex getting killed in detail.  And it’s brutal – you see the boy get pulled under, Jaws extends out of the water to grab him, and then there’s a fountain of blood that fills the water around all the other children.


NUMBER THREE - The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a really underrated and fucked up movie. It follows Evan Treborn who had a horrible child hood including child porn, physical abuse, seeing his father die, accidentally killing a woman and seeing his dog burned alive. Yeah….rough fucking childhood. But Evan discovers that when he reads from his journals from his youth, he can travel back in time and redo parts of his past. Unfortunately, every change he makes, fucks up something else…because of the butterfly effect.

The movie’s ending is sad but satisfying. The original ending however… showed Evan travelling back in time to when he was a fetus in his Mom’s belly….and he strangles himself. Hence, never being born. WHAT THE FUCK.



Scream is one of my favorite movies of all time and it caused a huge splash when it came out. But the team wanted to avoid an NC-17 rating, so Wes Craven decided to delete a scene that involved Steve. The opening of Scream shows Casey receiving a mysterious phone call and then being tormented inside her home. It eventually leads to her finding her boyfriend Steve gagged and bound outside by the pool. The original scene showed Steve get gutted and his internal organs spilling out. Moments later, Casey gets stabbed and hung up from a tree. That scene is pretty gory in itself, but I suppose having Steve gutted and then Casey gutted was too much for the rating system.



Most folks know this one already, but there was a scene that was filmed for the first It movie where Pennywise eats a baby. It was removed from the final cut. Bill Skarsgård told Playback podcast that the scene was a flashback to the 1600’s and that Pennywise didn’t look like the figure we know now. He actually looked more like Skarsgård which made it super disturbing.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite deleted scene is from a horror film!

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