Top 5 Spring Horror Flicks - stay inside and avoid allergy season!

Spring is the season of new beginnings. When everything is warm, and everyone is happy. When plants revive and flowers bloom. The season of the Easter Bunny and April Fool’s Day. Spring is all these things, but what if I told you, spring was also about horror.

Now that the season is upon us, what better time to count down the horror films that exude all the characteristics of warm, cheerful spring. Beware, not all of these are as happy-go-lucky as my intro may have alluded you to believe. If I missed any you feel stand out, please let me know in the comments below.



Our first film on the list may be a bit of a loose entry in the horror genre. While Annihilation may dwell more in the realm of science fiction/fantasy, there are enough horrific creatures and gruesome scenes to please most horror fans. What ties this film to the spring season in my mind is all of the strange and vibrant plant life that resides in “The Shimmer”, the area in Annihilation where most of the film takes place. We’re not only treated to lush overgrowth, but also some gorgeous visuals involving majestic imaginary creatures (mixed in with all the less than friendly ones). Annihilation is a feast for the eyes and shouldn’t be overlooked this season, or any other time of year.



For those of you still in school, nothing welcomes in the season quite like spring break. A time to let loose, consume copious amounts of booze, and hit the beach. Piranha 3D gives us all the things we love about spring break and throws in a bunch of killer fish. What more could you ask for? While the cheesiness of this movie is almost unmatched, what really makes it stand out above the rest is the top-notch, outrageously fun gore. Who knew the remake of an equally campy 70’s Jaws rip-off would be so enjoyable. Give this one a shot if you’re looking to scratch an itch you have for a goofy, spring break gorefest.



Another fairly-modern, gory horror romp to dig your teeth into. The Ruins relates to spring, much like Annihilation did, because of the plant life abound in every scene. Unfortunately for the protagonists, the vegetation in this film has a taste for human flesh. While the premise may appear a bit goofy, I assure you this film is not. The Ruins is a gruesome, tense thriller and probably the least lighthearted of the films on this list. In fact, this one may be too torturous to celebrate such a cheery season, but, if you enjoy the darker things in life, (like most of us on here probably do) why not indulge your pitch-black palate with something particularly gloomy.



Would a list of spring horror flicks be complete without April Fool’s Day? I’m pretty sure this entry has your answer. While April Fool’s Day may not have the best acting, or most original plot points, it makes up for these things with charm and an iconic twist. Well, two twists to be exact. April Fool’s Day isn’t for everyone. Hell, it may aggravate a fair portion of those with certain pet peeves to common horror tropes, but it should still be on most lists for its 80’s slasher gem status. What a better time to knock this one out than around the season of the holiday it derives its name.



If your mind jumps to Easter when you think about spring and older horror is more of your thing, a viewing of The Wicker Man may be your new spring tradition. First off, the film is centered around the celebration of a pagan, spring harvest festival known as May Day, which sounds an awful lot like the pagan Spring festival from which Easter draws its roots. Mix that with the frequent use of animal masks (including some rabbit masks) and the floral outfits and scenery, and you have yourself a film that relishes in the season. While the 2006 remake follows the same story, it isn’t nearly as festive, and frankly, is a far inferior film (sorry Nick Cage, you know you’re my boy). Stick with the original and you’ll see why this British cult-classic has so much fan-fare.

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Written by Sean

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