MAIL BAG - birthday and second hand store edition!

It’s beeeen awhiiillleee! It’s Mail Bag time! I’ve had some great luck lately with the second hand stores around my area. I’ve finally got enough to make a post out of it so here’s all my second hand finds as well as some new purchases and birthday gifts:


Firstly, I was able to put aside some money and purchase a year subscription of FANGORIA!!!! And my first issue has arrived. I’m so thrilled and can’t wait to dive in! If you want to subscribe to Fangoria yourself, just click RIGHT HERE.


I picked up You Might be a Killer and Overlord as gifts to myself for my birthday! Reviews to come!


Finally found some damn horror V/H/S tapes in this FREAKIN’ CITY. I’m not saying where I got them in case they get more and I can hoard them to myself….

All are in great condition and I genuinely have no idea why someone would give these up!


At that same thrift store I found these great books! Ramsey Campbell is really hit or miss for me but I can’t stop reading him. We have a very complicated relationship. And also that cover is GORGEOUS. I picked up a copy of The Road as I lost mine many years ago in a breakup.


There’s a great second hand book store near my work and they let me know someone had passed away and they’d found a big box of books in the estate sale. It was filled with a tone of horror books. And oh boy it was the jackpot. I grabbed these three.


And all of these! LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ALL ARE!!!!! I’m so happy I could cry.


I recently turned 30 and everyone in my life went above and beyond to help me celebrate. It was honestly incredible and I’m super overwhelmed still by all the love. Here is my birthday cake that was created especially for me. Chucky…my son….I could cry…


I received these two hilarious shirts from my friend Shanel. Thanks girl!


I got these three great shirts from Ceara and Nicole, along with a lot of other wonderful gifts - truly spoiled me this year. Insane!


That bloody Carrie figure makes my heart so full!

And that’s a wrap on my most recent mail bag - since I’ve done this one I have had some other great second hand store finds, and this weekend is the library sale so you know I’m gonna go nuts. Stay tuuunnneeeeddd….

Want to know what other things I’ve found in second hand stores? Just search below:

Written by Charlotte

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