MAIL BAG! FAN EXPO 2019 EDITION - Pop! figures, Living Dead Dolls, and MORE!

As ya’ll saw yesterday - me and Ceara got invited to cover Fan Expo Vancouver this year. On the Friday night it was preview night so it was pretty chill, not a tone of people around. Which made it a great time to go shopping. And oh boy, I found some great shit this year!

Check out what I picked up:


I stopped buying Pop! Figures years ago, but when I see one that I can’t live without, I’ll pick it up. That started when IT was released and it reignited my Pennywise love. I already have two versions of Pennywise and was on the look out for more. Unfortunately, there was barely any and the ones they had were super expensive. BUT I did find my two fav characters - Richie and Beverly. And they were so cute, I had to have them.

IMG_4747 (1).JPG
IMG_4748 (1).JPG

Found a Negan shirt! Ya’ll know I love me some Negan. But I can’t find any good t-shirts with him on it. I’ve got one with Lucille but I saw this one and GRABBED IT. Also I love just going "crushed it” in a bro voice.


DEMOGORGON!!! This was sick and I had to have it. I had already found Billy for Mitch’s collection because he’s his fav character. Then I saw this epic sized Demogorgon and said FUCK IT and grabbed it too. Now they live happily together on a shelf:


I also picked up this full collection of Horror Five Star figures because they were a really good price. And holy fuck are they ever adorable! And the details are great - I love the little paper boat that comes with Pennywise.


Picked up this incredible Living Dead Dolls Freddy Krueger that talks. I love him so much I could cry. They also had The Nun which I wanted too. But she was way more expensive than Krueger for some reason so she’s dead to me.


There’s a great poster guy who goes every year to Fan Expo and he does a great deal of 3 posters for $40. Every year I grab at least three. This year I grabbed 31 to add my Rob Zombie poster collection.


The Lost Boys as this is one movie both Mitch and I love equally. This one actually gets to hang in the living room! The rest are hidden away in our bedroom.


Carrie because Stephen King DUH. We have a few The Shining posters as both Mitch and I love that one. But Carrie means so much to me personally, so I had to have that.


Mitch came with me and Ceara on the Saturday and actually found this POP! Figure hidden away! I couldn’t resist. Look how grumpy and cute he is…


Lastly, I found a stuffie Pennywise who was so cute and fluffy I had to bring him home.

So where did I put all these purchases in our tiny apartment? Check it out:


Above our TV is my two favorites shelf where I put all my favorite horror flicks, and also my to-watch pile which is falling off that bottom shelf.


Above our bed and across from it is where I hang all my horror movie posters. You can see the latest editions in there somewhere.


And that’s that!

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Written by Charlotte

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