Happy Valentine's Day! Top 5 Doomed Couples!


Happy Valentine’s Day spooky dudes! It’s also my dogs’ birthdays which is far more important. So happy birthday to Tony and Obie!!!

But let’s get real for a second – love is tough. And in a horror movie setting, love is super tough. Because you’re either the couple that’s doomed, or the couple that makes it. And there’s raaaarely couples that make it.

Today I thought I’d put together my Top 5 Doomed Couples list! All those couples in horror movies that are just doomed to be split apart for some reason or another.

Let’s jump in!



Ah, Chris and Rose. Love, sweet love. He’s black, she’s white, he’s a talented photographer, and she’s an absolute lunatic. But we don’t know that until the third act of the film. At first, we’re just rooting for this loving couple. Chris is off to meet Rose’s family for the first time, but when he arrives at their home, it’s clear there’s something a little off.

But Rose just chalks it up to her parents being white and rich and having that white guilt. As things get progressively stranger and stranger, we have our doubts about the family. But Rose…she’s in this with Chris.

Until she isn’t. We know they’re doomed from the start because this is a horror movie…but we don’t know how doomed they really are until the twist hits. Never forget the car keys scene. Gives me goosebumps every. Damn. Time.



Sidney and Billy. Just your typical innocent high school first love. Sidney’s been through a lot, but Billy’s been there for her through it all. They’re happy together and their only woes are high school. Oh wait, except for the murders that start happening.

Once again, they’re a perfect couple until they’re not. Billy gets arrested quickly as Sidney suspects him of being the murderer. When he’s released, she still doesn’t feel as close to him as she did before. There’s a small part of her that still suspects him.

I mean, of course, it is him. But we don’t know that yet! Regardless, the two eventually make up and Sidney decides it’s time to take things the next level. Which is a huge mistake (except not really cause it’s Skeet Ulrich…so HOT DAMN). Because after they make sweet, sweet love, we find out Billy actually is the killer, along with his friend Stu.

Poor Sidney

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Claire Spencer’s daughter leaves for college, leaving her alone with her husband Norman. Right off the bat we know something’s up with this long time married couple. Claire believes her neighbor, Mary, who has gone missing was murdered by her husband and starts finding clues and strange ghostly signs around her home. Claire begins to become obsessed with Mary, but she arrives home safe and sound.

Claire then finds a newspaper clipping of a woman named Madison who looks very much like her and begins to realize her husband, Norman had an affair with this student, Madison.

She now believes that Norman killed Madison but Norman denies, denies, denies. When Claire finally finds proof that Norman killed her, Norman becomes enraged and tries to kill Claire.

And their relationship goes from bad to really fucking terrible. They were honestly doomed from the get go, and no one would look at Claire and Norman and sigh, couples goals.



Lena and Kane. Both scientists, both madly in love, both doomed. We learn pretty quickly that Lena and Kane are the only survivors of a strange four-month expedition. Kane went in first and disappeared for a year, he arrived back home but something was off. He remembered nothing of what happened and falls ill.

Lena is distraught that her husband is not the same man that left. And is terrified of what has happened to him. When Kane is headed to the hospital, the ambulance is intercepted and him and Lena are taken to Area X.

Lena learns that Kane is the only person to return from the mysterious mission, everyone else never returned. At the end when Lena becomes the second person to return, we quickly realize that both Kane and Lena are not the original ones. They are replicas.

Poor Lena and Kane are stuck in Area X forever, alive or dead, we don’t know. They’re mostly just doomed.



Thomas and Edith. A beautiful, Gothic romance. She’s lost her mother and is a wealthy heiress wandering around in fancy, long flowing gowns. Thomas is a baronet looking for funding. He’s British and dapper and Edith and he marry quickly.

Hooray! Two lovebirds moving in to a beautiful decrepit mansion to live happily ever after.

Except for the fact that Thomas and his sister Lucille are waaaaay too close for comfort, and Thomas has a string of dead wives behind him. Also, Lucille is crazy.

Poor Edith.

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Wanna talk about doomed from the start? How about James and Kristen? Before the events of the night kick off, Kristen has turned down James’ proposal for marriage. They’re sullen, upset, confused. And then some strangers show up and start hunting them.

They have to fight for their lives together only to ultimately watch each other die together, while being stabbed multiple times by three strangers.

You can’t get more doomed than that kids.

Written by Charlotte

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