HORROR NEWS UPDATE - Unfriended has a sequel, Bride of Frankenstein in trouble, and new Jigsaw poster

Unfriended Sequel has been filmed and screened!

Blood Disgusting uncovered today that the amazing 2014 horror film Unfriended has filmed a sequel in secret and I am FREAKING OUT. I adore Unfriended. I think it's a really unique, clever film and I can watch it over and over. It was also filmed in the coolest way where they filmed the movie all in one go with each actor filming in separate rooms.

So here's the update - a secret screening took place on Tuesday and the title of this new sequel is called Unfriended: Game Night. Which I don't love. BUT I'M STILL HERE FOR IT! BD also reveals that the same computer-screen format will be used.

I'm so incredibly excited for this and will keep you updated when I find out more!


Full disclosure - I did not see The Mummy. I was super excited when it was announced, I was even on board when Tom Cruise signed on, but when I saw the trailer I knew it was not for me. I won't speak too much about it because, again, I haven't seen it. But it did not do well in the box office here in North America and a lot of people hated it. So when Universal decided to go ahead with their next movie in their new "Dark Universe" I was side-eyeing a little bit. But when it was announced it would be the Bride of Frankenstein I was back on board. I'm an optimist okay?!

They planned to start filming in February but today Deadline is reporting that production has been shut down. Angelina Jolie was rumored to be playing the Bride which I was actually pretty excited about. But who knows what the future holds.



We're just three weeks away from the new Jigsaw film and I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!! And while Japan doesn't get the film until November 10th (I'm so sorry), the official poster has been released and it is SO COOL!


Jigsaw hits theaters October 27th!

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